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Andromeda Holdings & Financials

Ensuring Companies Last for Generations

Andromedas Promise

  • Help build our companies to last for all future generations to come

  • Provide full support and guidance for all our companies

  • Finance companies to help them succeed in any market

  • Ensure customer satisfaction and retention

  • Help with logistical issues

  • Ensure safe and good working conditions for all of our subsidiaries





& Accountable

Who we Are

Holdings and Financials

Andromeda H&F has been a holding company located in the United States since 2020, our mission is to ensure growth and satisfaction of all of our subsidaries. The main market we operate in is Rental Arbitrage, however we also have diversified into different industries such as professional cleanings, start-up company funding, professional buisiness growth guidance, and we continue to look for more ways to diversify our portfolio.

Testimonials From our subidary companies

"Edward has been nothing short of amazing. Great communication, a good price on a quality spot. You can tell he cares for his property and the experience you have. Some hosts provide a room, this host provides a thoughtful place to stay. Things like a projector, PlayStation, Netflix, are all here to enjoy without any additional costs. Overall I'm pleased with my stay, and would recommend Edward's place to anyone looking for a good value and a kind stay."

Alex Columbia

"super delighted with the service and the room, it exceeded my expectations, and to be my first time, I book in the same place" again.

Carlos Jovany

"Cozy, central, perfect for business and studios, and the host is always aware of the details to improve service!"

Jean Jarle

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